Why do I like Malibu so much?

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Okay, I was a teenage Marvel fanatic when Image started. I completely abandoned Marvel with the launch of Image. Before this time, Indy comics seemed laughable to me, but Image seemed way more adult and cool compared to marvel, which got me to give the entire indy scene a second look. When looking for Indy companies to branch out into, the obvious choice was Malibu. My friends and I all saw their logo in the Image titles and were curious. The first Malibu comics I ever read were The Ferret 1-shot, and Ex-Mutants #3. Any die hard Malibu fans may disagree, but my experience with the company has been a mix of excitement and disappointment. For example, The Ferret 1-shot was terrible. Especially when the Purple Dragon told the Ferret exactly what to do to beat Iron Skull. The next Malibu Comic I owned was Protectors #5, the one with a force beam hole going through the comic. That hole was the only reason I bought it. Basically, I guess what I'm saying is, there are myriad reasons to not like Malibu, from their awful name choices, to terrible writing. Do you really think it was necessary to give a hero ferret powers? That was the best they could come up with? That being said, I am actually a huge Malibu fan. Even with all their flaws, I've always felt strangely drawn to the company. Some titles were very good, especially their Ultraverse stuff. nearly 20 years later I still find myself buying their back issues, even if they make me gag. I don't understand what it is about them that keeps me coming back, so if someone else knows, please enlighten me. I hope I have not offended any Malibu fans, because I am really a huge fan of them myself. Has anyone else had similar experiences?

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Malibu was okay, but I really loved their Ultraverse imprint (before Marvel bought it). I thought the character of Gravestone seemed interesting, but I really never got to read much of his title.

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It's funny you mention him because I've never read that title, but planned on buy all seven issues on monday. To me, Gravestone was probably the most interesting member of the Protectors, unlike Airman, or Man of War, who looked like a pirate in a wrestling belt, but I'm still collecting that series too. I am looking for a complete list of all Pre-Ultraverse titles, as well as Ultraverse and Bravura. Every time I think I know them all, I get hit with an oddball like Rocket Ranger, Dark Wolf, Tarzan, or Lensman. I should do a search for Eternity, and Adventure titles too since they were owned by Malibu.

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