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The company was purchased by Marvel Comics in 1994. Reportedly Marvel made the purchase to acquire Malibu's then-groundbreaking in-house coloring studio, and/or its catalog of movie-licensable properties. Others believe that Marvel simply wanted to put a significant competitor out of business.

In June 2005, when asked by

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I'd like to see the entire line bought by Image Comics or the original creators given the rights to their creations and published by Image.
Anything would be better than to have these characters sitting around collecting dust.
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Meh,they were alright...nothing unseen before.

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Akira Overdrive said:
"Meh,they were alright...nothing unseen before."

Then why did Marvel see a need to buy them and cancel their comics? :p
They were unique and need to be brought back from limbo.

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i'd like to know the real reason they're not publishing them

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Hmmm... I wouldnt mine seeing Malibu Comics back in business
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more of their work dusted off .

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Prime was good!
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Rune needs to come back and EAT Superman, Daken, and Red Hulk.

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I heard Quesada really wanted to bring it back, but couldn't due to legal issues. I do believe that the real reason Marvel bought it was to gut it and bury it, which was exactly what happened. The computer coloring was the reason Image went with Malibu as a publisher. The early image books put Marvel's quality to shame. A good example of this was Spider-Man 2099. You can clearly see that the 2099 titles were meant to compete with Image. Marvel brought their heavy hitters like Stan Lee, and Peter David, giving you futuristic versions of their most famous characters. Although I liked the concepts and stories, they are still 4 color printing on newsprint. Computer coloring and glossy paper are standard today. If you are old enough to remember the launch of Image, It was mindblowing to go from X-men to WildC.A.T.s, or Spider-Man to Spawn. They just seemed to trump Marvel in every way. That year Malibu took more of the market than DC. It changed the way I look at comics. I was a die hard Marvel fan. I became a die hard indy fan still to this day. Even now, when I think of Marvel, they seem like a huge, bloated, lazy beast. That is a direct result of Malibu and the formation of Image. Even DC kicks Marvel's sorry ass. I am glad to see Jim Lee at the helm. He was the reason I started collecting comics. I know I am a little off topic here, but it's all related.

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