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Brief History

Major Lallement was a good and honest man whom became a major in the French army. He was stationed in French Indochina in the 1950's with the task of upholding the base to secure the colony. Situations where however dire, with his base low on supply and frequent attacks from the Vietcong. He was given help in the form of two CIA operatives, namely Nick Fury and George Hatherly. Their arrival could however not stop the Vietcong when a full frontal assault was made by the Vietcong. Mayor Lallement spotted a Vietcong suicide commander whom walked up to the ammo-depot. He tried to stop him, but was to late and was mortally wounded by the explosion that followed. George Hatherly and Nick Fury where one of the few to make it out alive. Major Lallement had given his life for his mission.

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