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Sergeant Clifford Zmeck underwent the same test as Nathaniel Adam during the Vietnam War. When Nathaniel seemingly disappeared, the government deemed it a failure, and began testing on another subject, but with Cliff they increased the amount of metal used, in comparison to the original project. Clifford was found in a high security prison during his time with the USAF for a rape crime, and sentenced to life time in prison. He was offered a pardon, should he partake in the project, the results were the same. However, this time, Cliff arrived one year later than Nate. During experimentation (prior to arriving a year after Nate did), the government implanted micro explosives under the metal while it was still malleable, in order to control Zmeck in case he went rogue. He was first shown as an ally of Captain Atom, but after a brief scrap, Captain Atom left, and the newly dubbed Major Force became his successor. Constantly fighting Captain Atom, he eventually became a hired gun for General Eiling’s purposes. Major Force would prove to be unbalanced, and killed the Green Lantern Kyle Rayner’s girlfriend and stuck her remains Into a refrigerator. Infuriated, the Lantern nearly killed Cliff, but was stopped by the military of the United States. Cliff goes on to kill a different Green Lantern and, later in Tokyo, another Green Lantern, Guy Gardner, seemingly kills Cliff. However, he is completely made of energy, so in essence, Major Force is immortal.

It is later, when then president, Lex Luthor, recruits Captain Atom to organize a task force of sorts, to bring in Superman when a Kryptonite asteroid was heading towards Earth. Eventually, Major Force’s hands are sliced off, releasing the nuclear based energy contained in his suit. Captain Atom had to absorb him, quantum leaping him a few years. Major Force, at that point, had disappeared.

He would later appear killing another person close to Kyle Rayner, this time his mother, whose severed head he stuck in an oven. Kyle then engaged Major Force in a lengthy battle. In the midst of it, the Major had almost gotten away with Kyle's ring after attempting to persuade him to give it up. Major Force also revealed that the head in the oven was the head of a mannequin, confirming that he never really killed Kyle's mother. Nonetheless, Kyle was able to retrieve his ring, and resume the battle, taking Major Force into outer space. Knowing that he couldn't really kill him, Kyle decapitated his head from his body, and sent it hurtling through outer space.

One Year Later, Major Force is causing a disturbance in Blüdhaven, and during the battle, rips off the arm of a character named “ Major Victory“, and beats him to death with it. Captain Atom would later awaken, in the Monarch suit, to drain all of Major Force’s energy, leaving his corpse to fall to the ground. Major Force would later reappear as a hired gun alongside many supervillains to kill members of the JSA, but they were eventually defeated.

Major Force has been identified as one of the deceased entombed below the Hall of Justice.

It is unknown how he reconstituted himself. He was seen with a band of villains led by Tapeworm. Major Force later finds himself working for General Sam Lane, under Project 7734. Soon after Captain Atom regains bits of his memory and takes out a military strikeforce with high-tech weapons, Major Force arrives in Skartaris to bring him into custody. Captain Atom refuses, and a battle between him and Major Force ensues. During the fight, he reminds Captain Atom of his exploits as Monarch and that they used to work together under Lex Luthor. In the midst of the battle, Major Force grabs Captain Atom and transports him back to Metropolis, surrounding him with soldiers in high-tech suits specially designed to defeat and contain him. But, before the battle was resumed, Mon-El (who was contacted by Natasha Irons to assist) blitzes Major Force and the military soldiers before they could even react. After Captain Atom deals the last blow, he leaves Major Force unconscious and retreats with Mon-El to the JLA Watchtower.

New 52

Major Force has been redesigned with a dark grey charcoal suit with white gloves and white boots. His crew cut hair is white and he has two stripes coming down vertically from his shoulders forming a star at his chest.

General Eiling sends out Major Force to help Firestorm. He knocks Hyena into a lamp post and knocks out Black Bison once he is freed by Firestorm after being encased in ice from Killer Frost. Major Force, who has been briefed about Firestorm's ability to withstand any physical attack, renders Firestorm unconscious through a neural attack disguised as a photo op with himself and Firestorm. Major Force is thrown into a nearby wall when Superman thumps him on the chest for capturing Firestorm and using him to work for the government.

Powers and Abilities

Like Captain Atom, Major Force's superhuman abilities are tied to the Quantum Field. He is powerful, but not quite as powerful as Captain Atom is shown to be (since the ability to use the Quantum Field is based on imagination, intelligence, and willpower) due to his lack of a significant level of intelligence, as well as his psychotic nature. He possesses vast superhuman strength in excess of 100,000-ton range (having been able to knock Superman across three states and physically engage him in the same battle, knock around Wonder Woman and Resurrection Man, physically engage the likes of Vuldarian Guy Gardner, Lashina [who was under the alias of Duchess at the time] and stand toe-to-toe with Captain Atom, physically). His initially showed the ability to project blasts of dark matter for offensive measures, as well as hard constructs for other uses. He is also has a significant level of invulnerability (though, not as invulnerable as Captain Atom, due to having his durability exploited by things Atom can and has withstood), due to the Dilustel skin covering his body. Due to his lack of intelligence, he is unable to (or never learned to) absorb energy (as a result, can have his Dilustel skin melted down by extreme temperatures like they have been before, breached by Green Lanterns, or blasted through by powerful bursts of energy), cannot remove his Dilustel skin like Bombshell or Captain Atom, and was once unable to fly. Over the years, he has learned to project Quantum blasts much like Captain Atom, as well as dark Quantum energy that could drain solar energy from Superman's cells. He has also currently shown the ability to fly and project energy shields (finally!). Major Force is also immortal due to his connection to the Quantum Field.

Other Media

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

In the direct-to-dvd animated movie, Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, Major Force features as part of the group of superbeings employed by the government and the antagonists who aim to capture the Man of Steel and the Caped Crusader.

He later appeared in Batman; The Brave and the Bold, as an enemy of Captain Atom.

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