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When Backlashand Taboo were trying to clear Taboo's name they were led to a former associate Dr. Branum who had hired Serge and Mahkinot to defend him from the attack. Mahkinot hid in the back while Serge was handling both of them, when Serge got pushed back

Mahkinot surprised them and easily trampled the group until a common enemy, Lilitu, forced them to pair up since they both needed Branum alive. Until then Mahkinot was easily standing toe-to-toe with Backlash and Taboo both difficult opponents to most. When the enemies overpowered them and Backlash seemingly dead they needed to retreat. Serge escaped with Taboo through a hole Mahk made. His status after that was unclear but Serge was shown giving him an SOS shortly before Taboo sent one to Cyberjack. Later it's revealed he did receive the

message and when he noticed Jodi and Cyberjack sneaking in he partnered with them (but not without scaring the hell out of Jodi). Just like before Mahk made the escape hatch through a wall and the team escaped the grasp of Lilitu.

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