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Character History and Description

According to her sister Isis, Kevin Matchstick was destined to fall in love with Magda.  Matchstick has known about this for a while, and has always felt highly ambivalent about it, worrying about the twists of fate, so he was apprehensive when Isis showed up at their apartment in Montreal, saying that Magda was coming.
Magda does arrive, and with Isis and her other sister Ishtar, casts a scrying spell to find out who is behind the recent marshaling of the forces of darkness in Montreal.  Watching them, Kevin is clearly entranced.  The question is, is he entranced through the normal process of love, or is it magic?  This question is left open throughout the series, and it is heavily hinted that magic may be involved: Kevin often has to be slapped out of a near-trance whenever he talks about her, and his eyes are drawn with stars in them.  However, she shows no signs of trying to manipulate him.
Kevin and Magda

However, at this point, he is just observing her.  Wally Ut, who has had his own difficulties with enchanting women, warns him against her.  Ignoring Wally as he always does, Kevin quickly pairs off with Magda on their roof, and they share their first kiss.  They both seemingly feel a burst of passionate energy, and connect with each other before rejoining the group.
Later, the two have taken their relationship to the next level, and are sleeping with each other.  They wake up together, then Magda takes her leave to help Isis try to magically cleanse the city.  When she's out, she sees her sister, Ishtar, seducing Joe Phat--except that this clearly isn't really her sister, it's a Leanhaun SIdhe succubus.  She tells Kevin when he gets back in, and they try to get into Joe's room.  Wally has cast a spell on the door, locking it, and Magda's own magic can't open it.  Kevin busts it down, and they find the remnants of the Leanhaun Sidhe's nest.
Kirby Hero suddenly arrives after an absence, and Kevin is suddenly jovial at his return.  Magda has to remind him that this is no time for fun--Joe needs to be rescued.  Kevin realizes she's right, and they prepare to go.  Magda puts a spell of protection on him by kissing his shirt.  It later protects him from an energy blast from a cyclops.
Kevin and the other heroes eventually defeat the forces of darkness in their faerie realm, and Kevin magically reappears back in the real world five months later.  Magda walks up.  Her hair is much longer.  She says she had a dream that he'd come back at that time.  They talk, and Kevin proposes to her.  Magda accepts.

Powers and Abilities

Magda's magical power level is fairly unknown.  She seems to be less powerful than Wally Ut, as she was unable to cancel his warding spell.  She was able to engage in a scrying spell to find out what their enemies were doing, and cast a protection spell on Kevin.

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