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Maegog, the "Devil's Child", was a huge troll, who, alongside his brother Gog, served as a lieutenant to Necromon, leading hordes of lesser trolls in battle at the start of the siege of Camelot.


Maegog was created by Steve Parkhouse and Paul Neary, and both debuted and died during their Otherworld Saga in Incredible Hulk Weekly. Gog and Maegog were named for mythical giants said to protect the city of London.

Character Development

When Necromon and his fellow Nether Gods elected to attack Otherworld, they first had to destroy Camelot, which stood on the edge of the abyss that linked the Netherworld to Otherworld, guarding the border between the realms. Towering over their fellow trolls, Maegog and Gog led the first wave of Necromon's forces in the attack, arriving to assault the citadel as Merlyn and his elf allies were just reaching the gates. The tireless Gafael, who stood sentry on the bridge leading to Camelot's gates, narrowly failed to slay Maegog with a thrown spear, but succeeded in distracting the troll long enough for the elves to reach safety. When the lesser trolls proved unable to fight their way past Gafael, even en masse, Gog and Maegog jointly attacked Gafael, briefly overpowering him; leaving him to be finished off by their minions, the brothers turned their attentions to the now-closed gates, but Gafael threw off the trolls who had engulfed him, and tackled Gog off the bridge, sending both of them plummeting into the abyss. Maegog continued the assault, soon breaching the gates, but as he led his forces inside, they were confronted by the giant Gargantua, who cut a swathe through the lesser trolls before attacking Maegog. The troll leader escaped the giant's crushing grasp, and as Gargantua charged, Maegog fired an arrow into the giant's throat, mortally wounding him. Unfortunately for Maegog, Gargantua's momentum kept him going, and his massive corpse fell on top of Maegog, crushing him to death.

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