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Like many of the Female Furies, Mad Harriet was raised in Granny Goodness' orphanage. Mad Harriet stood out because she loved the feeling of torture and pain. She subsequently became one of the first Female Furies.

As her name implies, Mad Harriet is quite insane. In a battle with Bronze Tiger, Mad Harriet's energy claws backfired and she was almost killed, but she then commented on how much she loved it. Mad Harriet's insanity allowed her to form a friendship with Harley Quinn, but was later chastised by Bernadeth for befriending a mortal.

Hawkgirl: Hell Hath Furies

The Furies were assigned a squadron of Parademons in order to find a stolen Beta-3 Gizmoid. They discover that the gizmoid has landed in St. Roch, Louisiana on Earth. According to their readings, the gizmoid has been activated and Bernadeth wants the gizmoid because Darkseid can't allow Earth to be destroyed by anything from Apokolips or it will mean war with High Father. It turns out Desaad designed these gizmoids to be a planet killer but production of the device was put on hold when a rogue Parademon escaped with a gizmoid through a Boom Tube. The Parademon landed in Ancient Egypt and hid the gizmoid before he was killed by Desaad's trackers.

The gizmoid finds itself near Stonechat Museum and it spots Hawkgirl soaring through the air. Its acquisition is computed as prognosticative Boolean algebra. The gizmoid decides that Hawkgirl would be a suitable template to begin Earth's eradication but before it could replicate itself, the Furies converge on its location by via Boom Tube. The gizmoid narrowly escapes by releasing radiaon gas to slow them down. Hawkgirl spots the disturbance and notices the Female Furies are barely conscious. The gizmoid comes up from behind Hawkgirl and pacifies her then it optimizes for template replication.

When the gizmoid was finished replicating, it disposed of Hawkgirl like a ragdoll and it became a mechanized version of Hawkgirl. The gizmoid begins attacking St. Roch with an arsenal of weaponry. Bernadeth tries to destroy the gizmoid with a series of centiblades but her attempt was unsuccessful. Fortunately, the Nth metal on Hawkgirl's wings became advanced by the gizmoid's brief attachment to her. Hawkgirl soars toward St. James Parish because the gizmoid was getting near that direction. Hawkgirl tells the Furies to focus their fire power on certain sections that she cuts off thereby cauterizing the wounds because the gizmoid can heal itself with nano machines.

Hawkgirl's plan worked and the gizmoid fell to pieces after sustaining the Furies' relentless punishment. As for Hawkgirl, the gizmoid's advancements wore off on her Nth metal because of its destruction and she became overly fatigued. Hawkgirl crashed near Mr. Dooley's Tavern and Bloody Mary followed soon after. Fortunately, Danny Evans was watching Hawkgirl's every move and he stopped Bloody Mary before she could sink her teeth into Hawkgirl's neck. The Female Furies collect Bloody Mary and reluctantly thanked Hawkgirl for her efforts.

During Countdown to Final Crisis, Mad Harriet was accidentally killed by Dog Soldiers on Apokolips. While pursuing the depowered Mary Marvel, a group of soldiers opened fire on Mary, not realizing that Mad Harriet was right behind her. Mary Marvel managed to evade their fire, but Mad Harriet was not as lucky.

Other Media


Superman Animated Series(1996- 2000):

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  • Little Girl Lost pt 1
  • Little Girl Lost pt 2
  • Legacy pt 1
  • Legacy pt 2

Justice League Umlimited: Animated Series (2004-2006)

Mad Harriet and the Female Furies in JLU
Mad Harriet and the Female Furies in JLU


  • Alive (2004-2006)

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse

Mad Harriet and the Female Furies in Superman/Batman; Apocalypse
Mad Harriet and the Female Furies in Superman/Batman; Apocalypse

Mad Harriet appears in the movie. She, with the Female Furies, attacks Wonder Woman and Big Barda. She has a few lines, voiced by Salli Saffioti.

DC Super Hero Girls: Super Hero High

Mad Harriet in Super Hero High
Mad Harriet in Super Hero High

Mad Harriet and the Female Furies attack the Super Hero High under the orders of Granny Goodness. She battles Cheetah and is defeated. Afterwards, she is sent to Belle Reve Prison with the rest of her companions. She is voiced by Misty Lee.

Live Action

Smallville (2010)


  • Abandoned
Lindsay Korman as Mad Harriet.
Lindsay Korman as Mad Harriet.

Mad Harriet was played by Lindsay Nicole Korman. At the time she was married to Justin Hartley, who played Green Arrow in the same series.

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