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While his true origins are unknown, the man who became known as Machine Head was given rule over the New York base for the Order and eventually hired the mob enforcer, Titan. Titan was able to trick him into helping take down Titan's boss, Machine Head. Titan had tried to kill Machine Head a while back but was taken down by a Capes, Inc. crew (Bolt and Kid Thor). Once Titan and Invincible, with the help of the Guardians of the Globe, had taken down Machine Head's other hired muscle. Titan was able to comeback and take Machine Head's place as leader of the criminal organization with the help of the Isotope. Eventually Machine Head was able to escape prison and took over the L.A branch of the Order and decided to forgive Titan and Isotope for their betrayal under the guide of the Order leader, Set. Following the defeat of the Order after the destruction of Paris, the various members of the Order went their own ways again and Titan decided to take out Machine Head for good using Furnace and Tether Tyrant. However, Machine Head's new bodyguard, Vault killed Furnace and in the process, Tyrant went insane after boding with his harness and the villains made their escape when the Guardians of the Globe had to stop Tether Tyrant's rampage.

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