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Introduced in The Odyssey Sneak Preview comic character description page he features in The Odyssey story arc.

Macabre is a conjoined fallen angel. He is joined by the skin of his back to the female fallen angel Malady. They fell when Macabre was tricked by Malady into leaving the gates of heaven and since then in penance she has agreed to obey his instructions in all things.

The pair share a dark humor and during the events of The Odyssey they take a captured Lady Death from the pirates of Ramrundra as their prize. They take her to the sculpture that Macabre is creating of hundreds of females but Lady Death's angelic energy infects them and slowly eats away that their human disguises and is returning them to their demonic forms.

Macabre works on Lady Death with his human hands and sculpts her a new outfit before adding her to his sculpture of melded female forms. The infection spreads and Macabre loses his hands and he and Malady fight. A storm comes, made up of the souls of the women he encased in the crystal. Lady Death attacks and takes the fallen angels by surprise and gives their bodies to the now restored women of the sculpture who set about finishing off their captors.

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