whatever happened.... to the M TWINS?!

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Okay i loved Generation x a lot, and i'm just tired of how they returned M, without telling the whereabouts of her mutant sisters! Like shouldn't they have joined new x-men or young x-men!?!

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i dont think they should of joined a team seeing how they are still young, but still they might not want to join a team. one of them being autistic and the other always sticking with her, it probably wouldnt work. but i like them alot and their not so connected powers that t hey have together, i think mavel can go into their backgrounds more . but yea im mad at them just dropping the twins off the map

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god yes the twins were an actually good idea concept, so was Monet, but i love the twins more. i'm a bit angry that marvel simply dropped them without ever mentioning it. I think in x factor they are mentioned once and only once....and not even by Monet. It's layla who mentions them, but presumably they lost their powers because in an old xmen feature comic some kids are finding out whose the youngest mutant and they find out its like indra or something i don't remember point is if the twins were still mutants wouldn't they be the youngest? If they are no longer mutants im going to be pissed cause their powers were pretty awesome, what ever happened to Emplate anyways?

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emplate probably left into another dimension, and i hope the m-twins didnt loose their powers and maybe they didnt have the resources to find them so they really dont know if they have powers and they could of grown up and thats why their not the youngest anymore

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I thought about using them in an idea for story i was writing

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