what happened to her in earth 616

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she and johnny had a egg and what hapened to her and that egg

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she left to have a "normal" life

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Darkchild says:

"she left to have a "normal" life"

so she took her baby and left why she do that i thought she loved him and did they show what the baby look like?

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The baby turned out to be a Skrull bioweapon that Paibok had implanted, hoping it'd kill the FF after it'd hatched.

Lyja didn't so much 'leave to have a normal life' as 'got lost in the shuffle after Onslaught wiped out every hero on the planet'. She's only just recently gotten her second appearance since the year 2000, and I get the distinct impression without looking to check that it's probably just a cameo.

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I always thought that she was a cool character. I hope the Skrull Invasion epic will do her some justice.

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   I'm pleased to see her return. I'm also pleased to see that I was right about her reasons for teleporting the Baxter Building into the Negative Zone. I figured it was an attempt to save her husband (Johnny is still her husband) and the Franklin children from being killed in the invasion. I don't think she was too worried about what would happen to Ben Grimm, though.

   I've always felt that she was the best of all of Johnny's girlfriends/love interests. She was a strong character, tossed aside when writers wanted to return to the old "Johnny the Dog" concept, where he was chasing skirts left and right. I feel that Johnny and Lyja are in love, but Johnny fears commitment and Ljya fears being hurt. They make a great couple...but not for a few more years. She needs to find herself, and he needs to "sow a few more wild oats" as they used to say.

   Still...I hope that's not TO far in the future. She's a great character ;>)
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@Caffeinedelusions: Lyja REALLY needs a re-match with Paibok...

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