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Denouncing the Serpent from Fear Itself - Journey Into Mystery #633
Denouncing the Serpent from Fear Itself - Journey Into Mystery #633

There is much mystery and sparse details surrounding the origin of the Lurking Unknown, save for his fearsome reputation. The Lurking Unknown is a Fear Lord. The Lurking Unknown was one of the founding members of The Fear Lords. Although much is unknown about its past, it is known that he has terrorized countless worlds and dimensions. Also know is that the Asgardian pantheon have had many encounters with the Unknown, and have grown to use it in testing the abilities of their own people. Odin once used the creature to intimidate and frighten Jane Foster senseless who at the time had also been given godly powers and abilities. Summoning the creature by ordering the Vizier to do so, Odin then trapped the god powered Jane Foster into a darkened room with the Lurking Unknown, it terrified her and she screamed for Thor. This demonstration and action of fear and terror on Jane's behalf a point Odin wished to make towards his son Thor, and as such after Jane's failure in the eyes of Odin, he banished her from Asgard forbidding Thor from contacting or interacting with her henceforth. After that incident Thor and Sif were tasked with defeating the Lurking Unknown as well, and this they achieved. When Straw Man betrayed the Fear Lords, it was the Unknown who was sent to stop Straw Man, and it did so by setting Straw Man on fire, thus destroying his straw body. In a battle with Doctor Strange and Clea, the Lurking Unknown was apparently captured within a small ball of mystic energy, where he was supposedly crushed by the hands of Doctor Strange. There was a large absence in activity in the following years of the Lurking Unknown however in more recent times he has made a reappearance along with several other Fearlords.  


The Lurking Unknown is a Marvel comics character and was created by writer Stan Lee and penciler Jack Kirby. The characters first appearance comes by way of Thor #136 released in 1967. The character has appeared sporadically until recently featured in Journey Into Mystery written by Kieron Gillen.   

Major Story Arcs

Fear Itself 

Powered Up
Powered Up
The long lost older brother of Odin, Cul has returned and has started to lay waste to Earth, causing massive outbreaks of fear among hero and mankind alike. Cul, or the Serpent has rained down mystic hammers empowering lieutenants, the Worthy to help spread more fear and horror, as Cul himself feeds off of fear. The Fear Lords, Nox, D'Spayre, Kkallakku, Straw-Man, Dweller in Darkness, and Lurking Unknown convene to discuss Cul's recent actions against Earth and the Asgardians. Nightmare was conspicuously absent. Lurking Unknown also appears to have suffered greatly for his years missing in action, as he has shrunk to a mere couple of inches in height. As it turns out, the Fear Lords are made aware of Nightmare's plans to profit from Cul's plans and exploiting the excess fear overflowing to create a special crown to greatly augment his power. This is an issue as none of the Fear Lords would not quite be so tolerant of a fellow Fear Lord having so much great standing and power than them, and so a power struggle erupts with each Fear Lord vying for the powerful Nightmare Crown. Nightmare initially starts off with the advantage as he already possessed the Nightmare Crown and already in his own realm, where he is at his most powerful, vastly increasing his already significant powers but he is outnumbered and Lurking Unknown has been positioned to play an integral part of Nightmares falling, as he had been teleported to a realm filled with the smallest and kindest Pixies, who would be easily frightened even by a small Lurking Darkness. Using the Pixies sheer terror of him, he begins to grow and grow. Finally when it seems that Nightmare has too many advantages on his side, a massive, enlarged hand reaches from beyond one dimension into Nightmares and gripping Nightmares palace with all the Fear Lords inside, it repositions it in a realm and reality not native to Nightmare. A massive advantage gone, the Fear Lords engage in a free for all with the Nightmare Crown passed back and forward between power hungry hands. As none of the Fear Lords would be willing to give up such power or cease in trying to obtain it, and since the odds are always stacked against the Fear Lord currently possessing the Nightmare crown, a stalemate of sorts is achieved as per the plans of Loki who had organized most of these events to prevent Nightmare from such an ascension in power. 

Powers and Abilities

Size variation and power fluctuation contingent on the Lurking Unknown's ability to instill fear. This could potentially make Lurking Unknown nigh unstoppable, enhancing his strength, speed and durability to levels unmeasurable. Under certain conditions Lurking Unknown has been known to lift in excess of 100 tons, and enhanced his durability to the point he had become invulnerable. The downside to this extremely powerful surge in powers is that any opponents of the Lurking Unknown that do not fear him, deprive him of power and can even cause him to weaken and shrink. Lurking Unknown has the ability to generate fire with its right hand. Lurking Unknown typically uses his size when he can for advantage and to instill fear, as well as his somewhat gruesome appearance.    
Physical Characteristics   
Height: 10'4"
Weight: 532 lbs
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Black

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