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Lupin's commissioned to tutor a little tyke in the art of thievery only to discover that lascivious luster cannot be taught. The boy's great at everything except getting it on. And next, Lupin learns that he cannot outrun fate; no matter how lackluster his schemes to rob, he is destined to steal. It cannot be helped. He must suffer this horrible life of crime...and where else to seek comfort in this time of woe than in the arms of a beautiful woman...or several...on alternate nights, sometimes on the same night, especially if their orgasms yield coded secrets to a monstrous treasure. Oh well, no rest for the wicked...well, not until the wicked--in this story, a coven of wenches led by Lupin's rival, Fujiko, hell bent on turning the fox in--can catch the master thief. Now, does he want to be caught? All that and a little backstabbing in this new, exciting volume of Lupin III.

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 74: The Scottish Tragedy
  • Chapter 75: Mr. Personality
  • Chapter 76: How to Turn a Prophet
  • Chapter 77: Couch Therapy
  • Chapter 78: Japan's Most Wanted
  • Chapter 79: Love Doctor
  • Chapter 80: Killing Time
  • Chapter 81: Cross of Visions







Story Arcs

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