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Well I recently found myself reading some of Star Wars Expanded Universe novels such as Alliegance and Splinter of the Mind's Eye by total coincidence. This sparked interest in my childhood love interest of Star Wars, once again. Helped me view a completely new side to some of my favourite characters, too.

Now, my question would be, what reccomendations would Star Wars comics readers reccomend? Specifically during Episodes IV, VI and onwards.

I'm specifically looking for comics with Luke as the protagonist, but I suppose other characters like Mara Jade, etc are also welcome.

Nothing from the Old Republic or Clone Wars, though. I like them, but I don't see myself being able to enjoy it as much as anything from the Rebellion era.

Also, would you kindly list them in Chronological order?

Thanks Kindly.

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@Archlord: Your best bet for Rebellion era comics is the original Marvel stuff. The collected editions aren't in print any more (in England anyway, might be different elsewhere) but you should be able to find them on ebay. There is also the new comics titled Star Wars that started last week by Dark Horse. I personally wait for the trade paperbacks but this was meant to be very good. Then there is the Dark Empire trilogy set after the original trilogy which seems to be love or hate among Star Wars fans.

Also, for novels I recommend Choices of One (sequel to Allegiance) and Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor. Two of my favourites :)

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Thanks bro, that's been a lot of help. I wasn't aware of Choices of One, it seems pretty recent.

I've read some of the collected editions of Republic and enjoyed it so far, as far as Rise of the Empire era is concerned.

I suppose I'll give Dark Empire a try.

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