Off My Mind: Nannies for Superheroes

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@Joe Venom:   True that.  To bad he's currently dead.
#52 Posted by sora_thekey (8784 posts) - - Show Bio
@Deadknight said:
Eh, the Fantastic Four may not have the bast track record with nannies, but they do have the most experience. It does seem likely that Cage and Jessica will go to them for advice, though they could simply ask for some security measures that Reed uses to keep his kids safe during attacks.  
Wait! Perfect nanny:
Considerably caring of others, and also has the (unbelievable) rep of taking down Dr. Doom, MODOK, and Thanos on her own. In an eery way, it makes a lot of sense... "
Hilariously enough... you were right!
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Squirrel Girl is a great idea for a superhero babysitter. So is Kitty Pryde. (Man I wish Kitty had been my babysitter when I was a kid).
Here's an idea, since there are so many big brains in comics, why not make the perfect pair of babysitters?  Just extract dna from the following sources and create the greatest nanny of all time?

Male: Bill Cosby, Mr. Rogers, and Uncle Ben.
Female: Aunt May,  Ma Kent, and Invisible Woman.

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@Joe Venom said:

No one is a better nanny then Cable! not only will the child benefit from protection but its also like military school

There's safe, and then there's Cable safe

I think it could be a perfect idea. Too bad Cable is dead.

#55 Posted by Paracelsus (2088 posts) - - Show Bio

Maybe Reed and Sue could create a database(regularly updated) of prospectiver babysitters for superheroes children. In the novel I'm writing, Sue asks Seraph to take care of Franklin and Valeria whilst she , Reed, Alicia are all out of town, and Ben and Johnny are likeswise too busy. Seraph protests that she hardly knows her well enough to be entrusted with the care of her children, but Sue responds that Captain America has had her checked out with his sources( in both Russia and the US intelligence community), and as she is neither demonstratably a Skrull or under the control of an enemy like the Puppet Master or Dr Doom(although the anomalies in a blood sample- she cuts herself opening a tin and Sue brings the tissue with her blood to Reed for study, he notes that it lacks several of the factors found in "normal blood" but has NO similarity to that of Skrulls or any other hostile alien race, making him think that she may be a mutant), and of her role as a "Judge" in the superhero community, (settling disputes between individual heroes, both as individuals and even as groups, for all save those involving the Winter Guard-no body can ben a judge in their own cause of course), a matter involving probity of the highest order, she is evidently trustworthy enough for the position.


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