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"Triptych: The Two-Edged Sword" - the second of three linked but freestanding stories. Hybrid angel Elaine Belloc runs away from home and embarks on a quest to find her dead friend Mona. Taking in Hell and the Dreaming along the way, Elaine meets friends and foes she never dreamed existed - and learns that there's a whole lot more to life and death than meets the eye. Featuring cameos from THE SANDMAN favorites Brute and Glob.

Elaine Belloc discovers a new power of hers while sitting on a bench when she accidentally astral projects herself, leaving her body lifeless. Although she is at first surprised, she decides to roll with it and winds up watching as Mazikeen is judged by Briadach, watches as Lucifer fashions his cosmos, is attacked by some demon creatures and eventually finds her way to Hell. Once there she is soon met with even more hostility when Lady Lys captures the angelic girl and almost kills her before Duma rescues her and returns her to her body, making a silent friendship between the two.

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