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"A Dalliance with the Damned," Part 3 of 3. Lucifer's arrival in Effrul coincides with a grand ball and a bloody revolution, but the Morningstar isn't interested in either. He has his own agenda, and he isn't here to dance. Meanwhile, damned soul Christopher Rudd must confront both the hatred of Duke Seviram and the almost equally dangerous love of the Lady Lys.

Lucifer stays as a guest in Effrul, to the surprise of all, and he tells none why, Rudd on the other hand creates a concoction that leaves Lys in despair and grieving, he had destroyed her, forever earning her hatred. Duke Seviram on the other hand brings about his revolt, overtaking the palace in flame but what he does not realize is how easily his forces are going to be defeated and when he is left the last one and he fears death he calls on Lucifer. And Lucifer comes...but not with the mercies Seviram expects, in fact, he's got quite the opposite idea in mind...

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