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Part 2 of the 4-part "The House of Windowless Rooms." Lucifer continues his journey through the Japanese Underworld to reclaim his wings and regain his power. As a guest of the Divine Izanami, the Queen of Death, Lucifer might well expect to be treated as demonic royalty. Instead, he is locked in mortal combat with Izanami's minions, who are desperate to prevent Lucifer from regaining his lost wings.

Saul and Cestis make their move to enter the Void, and the only thing standing between them is Mazikeen and her waitress, Beatrice. Lucifer remains in the House of the Windowless Rooms and his power seems to be more than just pure strength as he cunningly escapes several traps set for himself, gaining some valuables in the process. The issue comes to a climax when Kagutsuchi comes to strike Lucifer down but as his sword swipes, it is not Lucifer who falls into a pool of blood on the floor.

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