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Part 3 of the 5-part story "Naglfar." While Lucifer and Michael seek to decipher God's grand plan, the crew of the Naglfar battle on through the realms of the dead - to encounter both a deadly, two-pronged trap and a terrible revelation about one of their own number.

Things start to get messy for the Naglfar crew when a brand new Cal comes into the picture and suddenly all things begin to awry. Things come to a climax when the angels who fell at the hands of those that fell from Heaven go after the ship in countless amounts, setting fire to it, and preparing to slay. But things aren't all bad, as a romance unfolds aboard the ship, too bad they might not survive their journey. Also, Lucifer is not idle in these moments, in his realm he, Zim'et and Michael enter the working place of Scoria where both Michael and Lucifer wade into the mind of The Presence, being utterly consumed by it, the two begin to sink into the darkest recesses of his mind, and then...His voice breaks the silence.

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