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In Part 3 of the 3-part "Paradiso," the Basanos's bloody assault on Lucifer's cosmos culminates in a direct confrontation and a battle to the death. But for once the Morningstar finds that the trump cards have been dealt to someone else. Hybrid angel Elaine Belloc and the obnoxious imp Gaudium form an alliance in the amazing conclusion to this storyline.

The true power of the Basanos is finally revealed as they completely dominate Lucifer's realm, taking control of it, and showing no mercy as they burn and pillage, demanding worship and punishing those who stand in their way, including Jill Presto. Their own intelligence also saves them from Lucifer's wrath as he arrives too late, and by the time he does come to confront the Basanos, they show him just how far his vanity will get him when he destroys himself and plummets in a burning heap into a mountain range closely followed by the panicking disembodied astral form of Elaine Belloc.

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