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Part 3 of the 4-part "Children & Monsters." Lucifer's grand plan of his own cosmos nears its moment of realization, but now he must leave the gate in the hands of the demon Musubi while he quests for the final element. In London, Elaine Belloc discovers that her past links her not only to David Easterman, but also to a disturbed creature called Cal who seems to be an adolescent angel. Meanwhile, Heaven's invasion of Los Angeles begins...

Elaine comes to Mr. Easterman's rescue, and he tells her what has him convinced that she is his daughter. She than decides to trust him, so they and Mona go out to seek her grandmothers, who have gone missing and end up at the mercy of Sandalphon who reveals the identity of Elaine's true father. The Host makes their move and although they suffer heavy losses eventually Musubi is overrun, and the Void entered. Lucifer simply watches all of this from beyond the Source Wall until at last he leaves his lookout point, heading to what is unknown.

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