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Vs the world

Lucas Lee was a pro skater turned actor who did 1 good movie but did horrible on the rest becoming a sell out. He came to Toronto to film another movie. When Scott came to face him, Lucas punched Scott and threw him into a church. They then took a break, Lucas told Scott about his relationship with Ramona. Lucas Lee Dated Ramona in High school. Based on Ramona's description of him in high school he was a greasy haired dork skater who had drama or math class with her. Lucas begged Ramona to date him. Eventually she gave in. They spent most of the time smoking. Ramona eventually left him for Todd Ingram. Lucas then said he would take a bribe but Scott rejected and instead dared Lucas to grind down a long stairway with a skateboard. Lucas took the challenge, he started off easy but he kept picking up more speed untlil he was going too fast to live and was defeated and Scott won by default. Scott earned Lucus's skateboard but it disapeared because Scott couldn't use it.

Other Media

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Movie - In the movie Lucas Lee is played by Chris Evans.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game - Lucas Lee appears as the second world boss right in line with the comic book. The movie set level has the players maneuvering through sets inspired by Aliens, Indiana Jones, Godzilla and others. Once players reach Lucas he simply uses his fist or rides a skateboard dropped by his minions for attack. Once he is defeated Lucas will perform the rail grind that kills him though the rail is much shorter so it makes the scene more humiliating for a pro skater. Lucas does drop the Mithril Skateboard though it cannot be picked up.

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