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Major Story Arcs

Luann Bloom first appeared in the Defenders as nurse to Kyle Richmond. She bonds very closely with him. When he was apparently killed while trying to stop August Masters, she blames the Defenders and tries to investigate further.

She is contacted by someone who says they can give her some information pertinent to the case. However, it turns out to be a Time Agent Elf (number 334A-W). They take off in a Model T Ford, and to Bloom's surprise are suddenly driving in the countryside. They go into a barn, and are transported to the end of time. There the Time Agent introduces her to the shadowy Tribunal.

Luann Bloom as a robot, along with a Time Agent Elf and the Tribunal
Luann Bloom as a robot, along with a Time Agent Elf and the Tribunal

Bloom is thoroughly confused and frustrated at their attitudes. They tell her that she works for them, and the Time Agent pulls off her face to reveal that she is a robot. They explain that she was sent to infiltrate the Defenders to learn more about them, but she malfunctioned, and forgot that she is a robot. Her real "name" is Time Buoy #6-C. They ask her to report on what she learned, and she tells them about a fight between the Defenders and Yandroth. The Tribunal is unhappy that she doesn't have more information, because according to them, if the Defenders aren't stopped, the Earth will be destroyed.

Bloom becomes increasingly antagonistic to the Tribunal and one of the Time Agents temporarily turns her off.

The Tribunal later brings the original Defenders (Dr. Strange, Silver Surfer, Namor, and Hulk) to its time and says they will be responsible for destroying the Earth in the near future. This is why Bloom was sent to spy on them. The Time Agents bring Bloom back to show the Defenders and turn her back on, but she is now malfunctioning even more, and is "insane" (for a robot). At the request of the Surfer they turn her off again to end her suffering, and take her to the scrap heap.

Eventually the original Defenders are successfully persuaded by the Tribunal to disband, and the Earth is not destroyed. However, years later Dr. Strange tells the other Defenders that the whole thing was a cosmic hoax of some kind. Therefore it is unclear whether some or all of Luann Bloom's history, as related by the Tribunal, is untrue.

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