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Brief History

Born in Barbados and spent most of her life in England, Louise is an expert occultist with extensive knowledge of the Darkhold. When Victoria Montesi, daughter of Louise's long time friend Vittorio, was injured in an explosion and targetted by the Darkholders, Louise joined with Victoria and Sam Buchanan to form the Darkhold Redeemers. Their first mission was to help Ghost, Blaze and the rest of the Midnight Sons defeat Lilith and her Lilim. The three of them then journeyed searching for all the lost Darkhold pages guided by the visions Victoria received whenever one was activated. When one page surfaced on the plane where Louise's estranged daughter was a flight attendance, the ensuing chaos left her daughter Caprice dead and her teenage son Jinx an orphan who then joined up with the redeemers. During the Midnight Massacre, a Demogorge possessed Blade killed most of the Midnight Sons but it was the fully human Louise that was able to use a page from the Darkhold to stop the Demogorge and resurrect all those who had been killed (including Redeemers Victoria and Modred) at the expense of her own soul. Tragically, during the Siege of Darkness there was a traitor in the group and just as Louise discovered it was a Lilin possessed Morbius that was responsible, she turned around and was brutally sliced down by Morbius (controlled by Bloothirst).

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