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Lokar achieved his goals but grew restless, missing the challenges of battle and the thrill of new conquests. His advisors and army were seemingly restless. They turnet their attention to outer space and located another inhabited world, planet Parthea. They were eager to invade it. But Lokar was waiting for a favorable before authorizing the operation. When a bright star appeared on their skies, Lokar thought he had found his omen. A huge space fleet started being prepared to transport the invasion force to Pathea.

But the "good omen" was actually what would bring the end of Venturus. It was a celewstial object in collision course with their planet. Lokar realized Venturus was doomed. He organized a worldwide evacuation operation, using the fleet to have every man, woman and child safely escape the disaster. The need to find enough storage space for everyone forced Lokar to leave behind his advanced weaponry. Powerless and homeless, the former warrior race headed to Parthea. Not as conquerors but as peaceful immigrants.


Lokar was created by brothers Stan Lee and Larry Lieber and first appears in "The Omen" in 1964.

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