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As the new arc begins, Bode Locke discovers a key that unlocks the world of tooth, fang, claw, and feather, in a story that leaves hundreds dead! Hundreds of birds, that is. No. Seriously.

Full Plot

This issue begins at recess with Mrs. Locke speaking with Bode's teacher about "Bode's ability to relate to other kids." Bode is shown laying prostrate on the ground because, as he explains to the other kids, "I'm pretending someone unlocked my head, opened it up, and took out all my thoughts and memories." The other children, whose leader calls them "the wolfpack," leave because Bode is just too weird.

After school Bode starts to build snowmen because he took his mom's request to make friends a bit too literal. Bode lectures Zach about how Bode prefers being alone, to which Zach replies that friends can be useful. Zach walks over to Tyler and Kinsey , who are discussing the secret that Tyler has hidden the Omega Key and told no one else where.

Dodge's dark twisted fantasy

Suddenly, Zach is hit in the head with a snowball thrown by Bode. This launches Zach into a murderous fantasy where he obtains the Omega Key. Kinsey accidentally reveals that Zach is her boyfriend, proving she can not handle secrets. Tyler, angered, goes to walk the trails as Zach and Kinsey go another, leaving Bode to himself. While playing with some sparrows Bode discovers a new key.

As Zach and Kinsey talk about secrets Bode walks by with the new key. Having seen the key Zach makes an excuse to go away and Kinsey goes after Tyler.

Bode finds the door that the Animal Key goes to and passes through it, turning into a sparrow. As he flies up he joins the flock he was playing with earlier. Zach also passes through the door, becomes a wolf and howls to gather a pack.

Flying overhead Bode spots the pack converging on Tyler and Kinsey. As the pack confronts them, Tyler realizes the wolf is "the dark lady." Tyler and Kinsey flee as Bode and the flock of sparrows come to their defense. Overwhelmed Zach retreats and passes back through the door. Bode reverts back to his human form and runs to mourn his fallen friends.

The next day at recess Bode is pretending to be a sparrow as the kid "wolfpack" confronts him. All of the group leaves Bode, except for one, Jason Bird.

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