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Lobo's Back (1992) was a 4 issue mini-series.

The Main Man returns once again back to frag-tastic form in the second closed-ended series book collaborated in part with author Alan Grant and artist Simon Bisley (with Christian Alamy on art for the final issue).

Lobo returns to bounty hunting on the sides to distance himself from the goody-goody heroics and chump change wages of L.E.G.I.O.N. Lobo lucks into business with bond agent Ramona of catching an equally crazier and tougher-than-nails killer named Loo wanted with a big price tag for Lobo whether he's dead or alive.

Lobo relishes the hunt but is shot down on the ground and rendered six feet under by Loo and his brother Feces. Lobo has given up the ghost, but not on his attitude, and left at disposal of of the afterlife - Heaven won't have him and Hell doesn't want him. Thrown into the mix of time travel while being reincarnated into a woman and squirrel, Lobo is relentless to get back to Earth to finish off Loo where they last stood with Lobo leaving as the last man standing.

Collected Editions:

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