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Lizzie Andrew Borden was born in 1860. She was a descendant of Winston Churchill. She lived in New England during the late nineteenth century in Fall River, Massachusetts. She was a spinster, who resided with her father, Andrew Borden, and stepmother, Abby Borden. Her family owned the Borden Milk Company. It is rumored that Lizzie, at the age of 32, murdered her parents with a hatchet on August 4th, 1892. The murders, the trial that followed, and scrutiny by the media made Lizzie an infamous celebrity. Lizzie was acquitted of the crimes, however no other suspect was ever tried or arrested for the brutal acts. Following the murders, Lizzie became a recluse, and was not heard from again, until her death from Pneumonia in 1927. She had suffered a year-long bout with illness caused by gall bladder removal surgery, prior to her death.


Lethal Legion
Lethal Legion

After her death, Lizzie was sent to the Splinter Realm of Hell controlled by Satannish, which previously belonged to Mephisto. Satannish stole Lizzie's soul, along with three others, to form his deadly Lethal Legion. He intended to use the team to seek vengeance against the West Coast Avengers for defeating him. Satannish promised the Lethal Legion that he would resurrect them if they brought him the souls of the West Coast Avengers. Satannish imbued Lizzie with superhuman abilities, that he could increase or decrease at will. Satannish also replaced Lizzie's right hand with a two-sided axe. Lizzie also used axes as throwing weapons. She later participated in the brutal beating of US Agent, and slew Stella Houston. Houston was Hangman's former lover. However, Houston's murder was merely a diversion, so that the other members of the Lethal Legion could abduct Mockingbird, and Lizzie fled from Spider-Woman and War Machine. Following her escape, Lizzie rejoined the other members of the Lethal Legion in Satannish's realm.

Satannish used his powers to force the West Coast Avengers into his realm. He, along with the Lethal Legion, succeeded in defeating the team. However, Mephisto, having stolen Hawkeye's form, snuck into the realm, and demanded that Satannish return the souls that he had stolen from him. Satannish stole back the power that he had imbued the Lethal Legion with, in order to defeat Mephisto. Without their powers, the West Coast Avengers easily defeated the legion. Later, Lizzie's soul was destroyed, when both Mephisto and Satannish fought over the souls of the Lethal Legion.

Powers And Abilities

  • Lizzie's natural physical attributes were modified with magic by Satannish. She was of normal height and weight for a woman her age, who engaged in regular physical activity.
  • Lizzie had been fitted with a two-sided axe by Satannish, which replaced her right hand. She also utilized throwing axes as weapons.

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