New Viral Videos from 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Show Rhys Ifans as Dr. Curt Connors

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When it comes to marketing movies, studios sometimes heavily rely on multiple trailers or TV spots. Lately we've been seeing more of a shift to viral campaigns. These require viewers to search at certain websites or locations for clues to unlock the hidden content. Once it's unlocked, it's pretty much available for everyone to see.

Some new videos have popped up featuring Rhys Ifans as Dr. Curt Connors while working at Oscorp. SuperHeroHype has uncovered these videos from the viral campaign started last week. The clues to unlocking the content appears in images posted at and At those links, you can find images such as this:

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== TEASER ==

As for the videos, check them out below. We get to see Connors before (obviously) his transformation. What can we take away from these videos?

What are your thoughts on viral campaigns? I've mentioned before that I'm not the biggest fan. They can provide a different look at movies rather than the typical movie clips/trailers we usually see. Perhaps some enjoy hunting down the different clues to unlock the footage.

The Amazing Spider-Man opens in theaters on July 3rd.

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Viral Campaigns for me depend on the context and the actors involved. In this case, Ifans does a great job of building up his eventual transformation.

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Interesting. It may only work with movies that have a core fan base eager to find the clues.

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This could work...I think it will.

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to be clear i'm very much looking forward to this movie. i love spider-man and simply can't wait. however, i could do without these.

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idk why but i thought a screamer was going to happen

been seeing too many screamers

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I like viral campaigns and they do get me hyped for the movie (Some of them) but I just disregard them soon enough.

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Why can't I ever view these videos on my iPad? :(

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i'm liking the way hes portraying doc connors even in these small parts. hopefully he dives deep into the role for the whole movie

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@xAnimosity said:

Why can't I ever view these videos on my iPad? :(

Try downloading and using the Puffin web browser. It streams video to you from a puffin server. I dont know if i would trust it for sensitive info (banking and what not) but i used to use it to watch flash video all the time.

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In truth I love the interactivity behind it but I don't think its for everyone. Only the hardcore fans will probably appreciate this in all honesty.

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Gotta love 15 second movie ads before 24 second movie ads

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i cant wait!

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