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This scientist is getting erased!!
This scientist is getting erased!!
The Living Eraser is an alien from Dimension Z and was sent to Earth to erase a number of scientist. In actuality, the ones being erased are being teleported to Dimension Z where they are held prisoners. One of the Eraser's targets was Dr. Henry Pym and he was successfully erased into the Z dimension when he first encountered the Living Eraser. Pym learned that the erasing was really a method of traveling from his dimension to the Z dimension. The two dimensions occupied the same place and time but are in different universes. The aliens developed the erasing method to capture scientist so they could learn how to create atomic weapons. The aliens did not realize that the Wasp was hiding in Dr. Pym's pocket and she helped him escape. The two Avengers fought off the alien army and found the chief scientist from Z. They wanted to know how to escape the Z dimension but the Eraser killed the chief scientist because he did want the knowledge of the erasing method to be shared with anyone else. The Eraser revealed to Pym that an atomically printed circuit on the palm of his hand could travel them back to Earth's dimension. The Wasp freed Pym from his glass cage and they took the alien gadget away from the Eraser. The two lovers then freed the rest of the scientists and everyone returned back to Earth safely.    
The Living Eraser would return to our dimension on several occasions and come into conflict with various super types like the Thing, Morbius and She Hulk. The current whereabouts of the Living Eraser are unknown.
The Living Eraser wears an atomically printed circuit on the palm of his hands that can erase any being. The person being erased is actually being teleported into Dimension Z.

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