Livewire's Future

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Livewire recently fought both Supergirl and Batgirl respectively and lost, presumably ending up in jail afterward, and from what little I managed to read here on comicvine the battles weren't all that serious, i.e. both heroines beat her with minimal effort.  Personally, I think Livewire deserves more respect than that, being one of Superman's more deadly and tricky enemies, and the nature of her powers gives her so much potential for raising all manner of hell.
I'd personally would like to see her become a recurring arch-nemesis for Supergirl, since Superman has so many rogues already and I'm sure Livewire must be itching for a rematch after their last encounter.  Another possibility would be for her to go after the Teen Titans, either as part of a new bad guy team like the Terror Titans or Slade's Villains for Hire, she'd make a tough match for Static.
P.S. does anyone know if Livewire's electrical attacks are strong enough to seriously injure or kill Superman or Supergirl if she's sufficently powered up?  We already know that as long as she's charged up and doesn't get herself drenched with water she can remain in a pure energy form, meaning she can't be killed or crippled by physical attacks.

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I agree she should become one or supergirls nemesis. I never read her in comics i only sw her in the shows so i didnt realize till now how little she has actually been used.
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I could see it! Might be fun. DC doesn't seem to be too concerned with her, though....

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@Joygirl: Why not? she's like a female Electro withless emotional baggage!

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@infonation: Pfff, she's way better than Electro. I really couldn't say why they seem so unconcerned with her but they certainly seem to be. What was the last thing she did?

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While I WOULD support her becoming her nemesis...Isn't it a little too late? She's been around since 1998 as a Superman villain, a bit weird to change a nemesis now.

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@Joygirl said:

I could see it! Might be fun. DC doesn't seem to be too concerned with her, though....

Any one notice that except for Harley, DC doesnt treat anything that Bruce Timm (re)made with respect.

They killed the Question.

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