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In 1967, a Linda Tavara sits in her room, surrounded by boxes of small animals that she killed with her ability she is bored after being home schooled and kept like a prisoner all her life, Linda starts to become restless. Her parents are afraid of her, a fact that she is perfectly happy with. Linda is able to detect and suck out the "auras" of people and animals. Unsatisfied with the tiny auras of animals, Linda sneaks out of her house to find a human victim. She eventually finds Ida May Walker, an old woman in a retirement home with an aura that is unusually bright. Ida rants about the "angels" that she sees while her dominoes partner calls her insane. Linda tells Ida that she has a phone call, hoping to get her alone. When no one answers Ida's phone, Linda admits that she lied. When Ida asks if Linda is an angel, Linda says yes and absorbs her aura. As the retirement home staff calls an ambulance for Ida, Linda walks away, now able to see the ghostly images of people that Ida called "angels."

In 1972, Linda is fired from her job working for a private investigator due to the mysterious disappearances of several of her "marks" that she was supposed to find, She is then approached by a woman who offers her a job— to track down a list of individuals in a notebook. Linda decides to cooperate with her informant. She begins searching and a week later, she locates and brings in a mechanic; three weeks later, she finds a young girl. Four weeks later, Linda finds her third assignment, Jason Welkes. However, she decides to keep him for herself and kills him with her ability. Another four weeks later, the informant meets again with Linda, who claims that Jason could not be found. Thinking Linda is incompetent, the informant refuses to give her any more assignments. Linda responds by killing her informant with her ability and stealing the dossier of her next target, Daniel Linderman. Linda flies to Centennial Airport to find him.

Linderman, still haunted by the death of Au Co, returns to the U.S. from the war, but has no real home to return to. While picking up odd jobs, he meets a woman, Linda Tavara, who tells him to meet him at the Black Hawk Campgrounds. He recounts his experiences of the war to her, and they spend the night together. On a hike the next morning, they come across a deer that has been shot. Linderman decides to stop hiding who he is, and heals it. Linda, acting on the advice of another woman, tries to absorb Linderman's power, but he quickly subdues her and burns her remains. In her notebook, he also finds the name and location of his former comrade, Arthur Petrelli and goes to warn him about this.

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