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Brief History

The original Liberator was Dr. Tyreseus, a Calurnian physician. The Calurnians have enhanced senses enabling them to comprehend the health status of most living beings just by being in close proximity to them. They make excellent physicians because of it. Their race has been conquered by the Shi'ar who recruit several young Calurnians to serve aboard their spaceships. Tyreseus was trained both as a physician and as a fighter. In the latter case he employed his feline features as an agile and savage fighter. What the Shi'ar did not know was that Tyreseus resented the conquerors of his race.

In " Rom Annual" #4, the Shi'ar ship which employed Tyreseus located the dying form Pulsar the Spaceknight. Pulsar was one of the most powerful Spaceknights but had been mortally wounded in combat. Tyreseus was offered the armor to examine. Instead he bonded himself to the armor and named himself "Liberator", planning to avenge his race by destroying the Shi'ar. In his new form Tyreseus could fly at near the speed of light, use pulse waves to perceive objects at long distances and create force fields for a variety of offensive and defensive uses. He could also shatter the force fields of others, including that of a Shi'ar Dreadnought Ship.

His first victim was his own ship which he caused to explode, killing everyone else on board. Tyreseus continued the conflict with the Shi'ar and was targeted by members of the Imperial Guard ( Gladiator, Electron, Magic, Manta, Oracle, Tempest, Warstar) and other Spaceknights ( Rom, Scanner, Seeker, Trapper). Rom managed to shut down the weaponry of Tyreseus and then tried to reason with him. The enraged Gladiator instead struck the Calurnian at full force, killing him.

The second Liberator was Tristan, a son of Rom and Starshine/Brandy Clark recruited as a third generation Spaceknight. He finds it hard to live up to the expectations put upon him as son of Galador's greatest hero. The main difference of these Spaceknights was that they could change between cyborg and human form at will. The first two generations could only regularly use the cyborg form, their human form was placed in suspended animation to await their returns.

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