Would Lex Luthor help or hurt a world with no super-heroes?

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I was looking into Lex Luthor as a character but I can't help but question if Lex Luthor landed accidentally say after being fioled by superman and was stuck in a world like our own do you think he would help or hurt that world?

I know Lex is Lex and that even before Superman he was a devious person, but the main trait is his vanity so I was thinking he would do whatever would gain him the most recognition. I know he could probably take over a world like this simply because of his knowledge of superior technology in which he could either take over by force or by simply patenting basically every piece of technology that doesn't exist in the real world. What has me wondering is if he would with no opposition try to make this world a better place or simply bring it on a path that would most benefit him.


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A real life Lex Luthor would no doubt have ideas that would benefit everyone, and perhaps even the resources to achieve them.

Unfortunately, despite that, and if we are going on his character/personality that's been displayed in the comics for decades, Lex is also a very self serving individual who would be extremely likely to only reveal anything that may help the world if it serves him in terms of power or politically. He definately wouldn't become a saint, though I'm sure that's how he would want to be portrayed. :)

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His insatiable need to feed his own ego would likely lead him down a similar road, just with no one with the power or resources to stop him

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I'm going to play Devil's Advocate for a moment. In many of the alt-Earths and Elseworld tales, Lex Luthor demonstrates great moral fiber to make the world a better place. Red Son, for example, concludes with the world believing Superman is dead. Once Superman is no longer threatening to conquer, lombotomize, and control the world, Lex Luthor is free to pursue his own agenda. He becomes President of the World, institutes the new global philosophy of Luthorism... and brings an unpredicidented era of peace and prosperity. A benevolent world government is formed and maintained. Luthor cures all known disease. Luthor colonizes the star system. Luthor does more good for mankind than anyone else who has ever lived. While yes, Luthor's ego is still very much a factor, he sates his ego by doing the impossible. This has been and will be the only thing that ever makes Lex Luthor truly happy. This is why he pits himself against Superman. In the absense of Superheroes, Luthor's motivations would not be merely to get rich or be powerful; in every story where Luthor exists without Superman, Luthor continues to take on impossible tasks (ending global hunger, stamping out poverty, curing cancer, etc). While his motivation is selfish, and he does this in order to establish his own fame and reputation, Luthor will always strive to do more for humanity so he can be considered the greatest man to ever live, instead of 'just another billionaire'. Put Luthor in our world and he would definately take over, but we'd have solar cars that run for pennies a day and heart disease would be something we could vaccine against. He would be the greatest hero ever known.

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As the Question once said, "Luthor is Luthor."

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@daredevil33: This is true.

We see at the beginning of the DCAU that even before the arrival of Superman, Lex was already set in his ways, ruthless, intelligent and already eyeing more power. If there were no Super heroes Lex could rise unchallenged to the most powerful being on earth. Those who work within the law such as Lois can try expose his deeds but in the end Lex has contingencies. Someone else under him was responsible, which he can and will make happen. A full water tight confession later and Lex is back to some new scheme whilst aware and plotting an unfortunate accident on the one that tried to bring him down.

I would love to see what dark utopia Lex would build if there were no heroes. The would may benefit but it would be no paradise. For every benefit Lex bestowed on humanity a million idols would need to be built to appease "Earth's greatest mind."

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@sharkbite could not have said it any better. Greatest hero ever known.

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Hurt it

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It would be horrible, no Superman but we still have a Lex Luthor. He would somehow start World War III and rise from the ashes to become the supreme world leader

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