smallville finale question...possible spoilers

#1 Posted by CosmicGod432 (204 posts) - - Show Bio
Okay so Lex came back... but what i don't understand is if that lex is a clone or just has parts of his body from clone???? like did he just add clone pieces to replace his damaged parts of his body??? or did he is completely made up of parts from clone??? like is his head brain from a clone too? making him not the original lex but a clone???
#2 Posted by DH69 (4324 posts) - - Show Bio

his mind, clone part body.

#3 Posted by CosmicGod432 (204 posts) - - Show Bio
@DH69: can you explain some more?? i dont know what you just wrote means
#4 Posted by SevanGrim (2191 posts) - - Show Bio

ewww. Why would they make that Dakseids voice? that generic Vader-box voice. boooo. im soo glad this show is ending.

#5 Posted by DH69 (4324 posts) - - Show Bio

his body was royaly ****ed by the explosion so he harvested the "perfected" organs from the failed clones. it was his body but comprised of the harvested organs, so its the real lex, but with cloned organs, and body parts, which is why his right hand was still damaged.

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Well anyway, that was disappointing. That was not a good series finale.

#7 Posted by DH69 (4324 posts) - - Show Bio

i was pissed that they didnt show his wicked bank heist during his clipshow moment...that was the greatest 2 minutes in smallvilles history, rockin out to metallica as a evil clark rides a motorcycle into a bank beats up the wannabe jokers then gets shot at by the police XD

#8 Posted by CosmicGod432 (204 posts) - - Show Bio
How did parts of his body even survive the explosion???
#9 Posted by The Impersonator (7941 posts) - - Show Bio
@CosmicGod432: The real Lex Luthor died in the truck explosion.  Even though his spirit still survives. I know it may not make sense but my theory is that Lex's soul was somehow trapped in limbo. If you have seen the episode Lazarus when Clark is nearly dead due to his stabbing of blue kryptonite, he sees Lex on the other side which means he's the real deal. When Darkseid arrived on Earth, Lionel Earth-2 made a pact with Darkseid to save Lex Luthor's soul who is being trapped in limbo. In order to keep Lex alive, Lex planned to create his clones to repair his damages rather than letting his clones to take over his place. But since his original body was destroyed, it was decided that his clone body should be created for the real Lex Luthor who's in limbo. That's why Lionel 2 needed Tess' heart to return Lex to life.  Since there were genetic flaws during the cloning process, the last Lex clone shown in the finale is not his actual body but a perfect body for housing the real Lex Luthor. Hence his soul was saved after Lionel traded his own soul with Darkseid. As the final result,  you have the real Lex Luthor in his cloned body.
#10 Posted by HolySerpent (13681 posts) - - Show Bio

The series finale sucked

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