Is Lex Luthor really dead?

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In Smallville season 10 premiere, Lex's unstable clone mentioned that the original Lex or our creator was killed. So that means the original Lex was actually blown up in the truck? The unstable clone also said that Lex uses clones to heal him. If the clones are being produced in Cadmus Labs, wouldn't Lex be still alive? He would need these clones to stay alive though. Or were these clones being produced while Lex is dead? I assumed that Lex who was blown up in the truck was the clone. Because there's no way the original Lex would die since Dr. Fate have seen him in his vision. Unless Dr. Fate could be wrong that Lex is the clone. But it would make sense the one who is actually blown up was the original Lex because due to his injuries that he took from the Fortress of Solitude crash. Unless I'm mistaken, this Lex could be an unstable clone to make it look like he had injuries. Anways, what do you think? Is Lex Luthor really dead?
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Clone+Darkseid=real Lex alive

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