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At first a guard at Larkhill, he was there when the "man from room five" escaped and killed several workers. He survived, and was eventually promoted through Norsefire to work as a radio broadcaster, using his voice skills to become the voice of the Fate computer, the "Voice of fate". He has an enormous doll collection, he says it's very valuable, because most doll collections did not survive the war. Eventually, he is kidnapped by V while on a train, then taken to a fake stage based on Larkhill. V then burns his doll collection, which drives him insane. A bit of dark poetic justice for how Prothero was the one to give V the dose of "Batch 5" which drove him insane. He is no longer able to broadcast as the "Voice of fate" which is sensed instantly by the citizens, his dive into madness is V's first victory against the facist party Norsefire.

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