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Brief History

Letrong was a Vietcong soldier that had infiltrated the French forces in then-time French Indo-China. He met up with Nick Fury and George Hatherly and acted like he was a soldier whom wanted to help the French and Americans. However, after a brutal assault on his base by the Vietcong, Letrong revealed himself to Nick Fury as Captain Giap of the Vietcong. He and his forces had killed all the Americans and French soldiers except Nick Fury, whom they released to send a message to the outside world.

Years later, Nick Fury was told by the CIA that Giap was a prominent captain of the Vietcong and his teaching-skills had been of valuable asset to them. Therefore, he should be killed. Nick Fury and Frank Castle (before he became the Punisher) where tasked with killing him but where captured themselves. Here Giap reveals that it was his plan to let the Americans know where he was so he could capture them, and at the same time use the media to win the war. He tells them that Fury and Castle where not send there to kill him because of his teaching skills for the Vietcong, but because he had information about top US diplomats being involved in drug-trafficking.

Fury and Frank Castle however manage to escape and try to get rid of all the evidence against the U.S. While Fury is tasked with this, Frank Castle tries to draw the attention of the Vietcong by shooting at the. Eventually Captain Letrong Giap finds Fury in one of his offices and hold him at gunpoint, asking him why he wanted to cover for the U.S. in their drug trafficking. He also told Nick that he knew he was going to hell for what he had done to people, but that he did not care because he loved his country so much. But before Nick can answer him, Captain Giap was shot in the neck by a sniper-bullet, courtesy of Frank Castle, several miles away. Nick and Frank soon afterwards made their escape, with their target dead. They just barely made it out after Captain Giap's camp was bombed by U.S. forces. Although dead, Captain Giap had shaken Nick's believes in his government. Many years later, Letrong Giap turned out to be alive and well. He, now an elderly man, met Nick Fury in America at a war-memorial. Giap told Nick that he had lived in America for the remainder of his years.

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