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Current Events

Recently Lemuria was conquered by the Atlantean barbarian warlord Attuma. He planned to use Lemuria's vast magical resource to conquer Atlantis and destroy all air-breathers. However a rebel army formed led by Canor and Mara. Along with help from the Indestructible Hulk, the rebels managed to defeat Attuma and reclaim their land.


Lemurians are more scaly in appearance then Atlanteans
Lemurians are more scaly in appearance then Atlanteans

In a long distant past, an ancient race of Homo Mermani decide due to the dangers posed by the Earth’s axis changing, they must leave their ancestral home in the Polar regions. The population is split into two groups, one of which travel to the Sea of Tranquility (The Atlantic) and the other to the Sea of Turbulence (The Pacific). Soon after the ancient Homo Mermani left, natural disasters cause massive destruction and change the planet’s landscape forever, destroying their glorious cities. The Homo Mermani who moved beneath The Pacific built an Empire there that came to be known as Lemuria. However for reasons unknown, the waters of the Pacific changed the very flesh of the Lemurians to more serpentine in hue.


The Lemurians were created by editor Stan Lee, writer Roy Thomas and artists Marie Severin and Gene Colan. They first appeared in "The Spell of The Serpent" in 1969.

Major Story Arcs

Karthon leads The Lemurians
Karthon leads The Lemurians

After centuries of existence, the day came when all of Lemuria was ruled by a tyrant named Naga. Naga was a devout worshipper of the Serpent God Set and possessor of the Serpent Crown which gave him powers of immortality and mind control amongst others. He ruled by instilling terror in his own people and committed inhumane atrocities against them. One day a rebel group with limited telepathic abilities stole the Serpent Crown and fled to the Antarctic. This group, who would come to be known as The Ancients, hid the Serpent Crown for centuries. Eventually the crown would fall into the hands off the Sub-Mariner but Karthon the Quester would return it to Naga after stealing it from Namor. However Namor would attempt to reclaim the Serpent Crown and in order to show off his power, the maniacal Naga would kill all his own guards, The Questers, except Karthon so he could defeat Namor himself. The Sub-Mriner and Karthon eventually defeated Naha but in the battle Lemuria was destroyed. The Lemurian chose a reformed Karthon as their new leader and they set off to find a new home.

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