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The Legion of the Lost is also known as the Lost Legion. The team is made up of a collection of villains who were brought together by Mephisto. When Mesphisto manages to get Thor and his allies to Hell, he sets them battling the Legion and the nameless warriors controlled by them. Thor eventually defeated them after an hours-long battle despite being outnumbered. This was their only appearance as a team.  
The actual members of the Legion are unclear, as they are never named on panel. Nonetheless, several are readily identifiable by sight, and others have been tentatively identified. It is further unclear if these are the actual historical people, or merely some type of demon that has taken or been given a recognizable villainous form. Regardless, the following members have a general consensus on their identity: Adolf Hitler, Attila the Hun, Blackbeard, Genghis Khan, and Jack the Ripper. Four other men appear in the picture but have not been satisfactorily identified.

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