Legion's Personalities

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The Legion of personalities in David Haller's head started off as Jemail (the telepath), Jack (telekinetic) and Cyndi (pyrotic/pyrokinetc).  As far as I remember they were the only other personalities, even when the Shadow King had possessed the whole of Muir Island.

I know that there were other identities in X-Men: Evolution, but I'm only interested in the Earth-616 Legion.  I've had a gap of about 100 issues of X-Men history, but I thought that Legion had been dead since the end of the Age of Apocalypse...

So can someone please tell me who the hell are:

Fanya (teleportation)

Zacharay (ferrokinesis)

Rodney (molecule manipulation)

Boris (radiation)

Lucas (atmokinesis); and 

Sylvester (probability manipulation)

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alot of random one showed up when he came back. are the personalities from there. cause they could be new then and have no older issues. one personality can probably heal or is immortal or something as well.
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Thanks, but that wasn't what I was asking.  The Legion page listed all these other characters & abilities before New Mutants #1.  Unless someone can back them up & state where they came from, then I'm half-tempted to remove them from his page.

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@xerox_kitty: This response is a year late, I know, but I've never seen those personalities before. I think someone's just added random names and powers.

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