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Five years after his "death," Mon-El awakens from his tomb, summoned by the Time Trapper, the entity responsible for his resurrection. Will he allow the Trapper to resume his stature as the Thirtieth Century's greatest villain, or will he call the Trapper's bluff?

With Tasmia, Shadow Lass, never truly recovering from the death of her love, Mon-El, the council of Talok VII decide to name her cousin, Shadow Kid, the new planet protector. Suddenly, Mon-El arrives to greet Tasmia in her home, much to her shock. Mon-El explains to Tasmia that a part of the Time Trapper is in his body, which is why he is not dead. The couple realize they need to visit Brainiac 5 to help Mon-El in his precarious situation. They reach Brainiac 5, and amidst his testing, the Time Trapper plucks Mon-El from there and places him somewhere else, so he can take control. Meanwhile, a probe robot prevents Brainiac 5 and Tasmia from following suit, but Tasmia makes short work of it. Time Trapper explains to Mon-El that he created the Legion of Super-Heroes inadvertently, and if the Time Trapper dies, time will be changed and Mon-El will not exist anymore, since he was founded in a pocket universe. Mon-El is willing to take that risk to destroy the Time Trapper and everything fades to white after he delivers the final blow.

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