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The Legion continues the battle with Grimbor as his Cosmic Chains draw ever tighter around Earth.

The Legion of Super-Heroes travel to space to see if they can dismantle the large chain, created by Grimbor, that is surrounding the Earth and slowly destroying it. The Legion's first attack at the chain proves to be fruitless but Saturn Girl is able to mentally scan for Grimbor's stronghold, which is located on the North Pole. Grimbor sends a holographic image of himself to the President of Earth, Marte Allon, telling her and some of Legionnaires in attendance that he wants the surrender of the full Legion and a place as dictator of the Earth in one hour or the chains will destroy the planet. Before too long, he finds five Legionnaires already at his stronghold and he uses his various chains and items to bound them while the chains around Earth begin to constrict.

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