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The Psychotic Perspective: Legends of the Dark Knight #12


I’ve been highly enjoying Legends of the Dark Knight, and I was eager to see how Slam! would develop.

In this issue, things go from bad to worse for Bradley when he discovers that the perp he is trying to nail is involved with the notorious mob boss, Black Mask.

The Joy

It’s fun to see how super villains can really ruin the day of an ordinary Joe. It is also nice to see how easy it would be for inattentive or crooked cops to allow the wrong man to hang for a crime. Furthermore, it's good to be reminded that Bat God does not always have it all figured out. The artwork continues to be good, and the color scheme has grown on me. Finally, this version of Black Mask is one of the better representations of the character.

The Pain

The issue felt shorter than the last couple because there was much more action and less dialogue. Also, there is one major plot hole in this arc. Black Mask walked into

the police interrogation room and framed Bradley for murder, but how did he manage to get past all the cops unnoticed much less manage to kill a guy and then leave? You can reasonably speculate that Black Mask could have bought off some cops, but this would take more than just one or two officers looking the other way.

In Conclusion

I’m still really enjoying this arc, and I’m eager to see how it wraps up.

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