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Diego Casseas' wife was a leader in the Dragon's Breadth cult. His military unit, the "Half-Fulls", joined the cult, which had been breeding super humans for many years, hoping to tap into an ancient power that manifested a portal in the temple. Each member of the Half-Fulls fathered a child with a female cult member, and their children would have access to incredible power due to their births having taken place in such close proximity to the portal. Diego's daughter had access to the Darkforce dimension, but was left in a coma after she survived an elevator crash. Diego, having studied sorcery from his wife, stole his daughter's powers. The Darkforce power appeared in Diego's left hand, allowing him to project concussive bolts of energy and teleport. He gathered the sons and daughters of his army friends and formed the Folding Circle. He apparently died when he fell into the portal in the temple after being shot by Night Thrasher.

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