Awesome Toy Picks: Larfleeze (Signature Collection)

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Each week we take a close look at a comic book collectible. That means actually taking it out of its packaging. This week we're looking at another figure from Matty Collector's 'Signature Collection' series - Larfleeze.


Matty Collector features exclusive and collectible figures from Mattel. This figure was the April selection and part of the Club Infinite Earths. It retailed for $20 but is currently sold out. On rare occasions, figures sometimes go back up for sale. Of course, there's always eBay where many have a starting bid close to that retail price.

The package is similar to the other Signature Collection figures. That means the back gives a brief summary of who Larfleeze is.


Larfleeze comes with an Orange Power Battery. Inside the package, he does look a little stiff. That's where taking him out of the package actually makes him move better. There is a great amount of articulation so adjusting his stance gives a better presentation.


With his wrist articulation, you can make him fully grasp his lantern.

The lantern does look a little big but you can have him hold it in different ways. We all know he won't want to let go of it.


If you have any other Lanterns, of course you're going to need a Larfleeze figure. Especially since he has his own series coming, chances are his demand may be increasing.

How does Larfleeze fit in with other figures and Lanterns?


Larfleeze may not want to share things, including the spotlight, with others but he'll make a great addition to your collection. He has the right amount of articulation and while he looks a little simply in design, he stands up nicely.


Larfleeze may not be a character everyone gets but you will want to try to get one for your collection. Just keep an eye on the other Lanterns' batteries or they might end up mysteriously disappearing.

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Not second!

Got a weird mouth thing going on there but otherwise pretty cool.

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That's awesome, I might have to get this.

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The first comic I ever followed was Green Lantern, ad I started with the Agent Orange story... I need this

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Man I wish I still collected figures, this one looks great. Guess I'll stick to my Kre-O Transformers. Speaking of which I should do a Awesome Toy Pick review of some of the sets I have at home that I need to put together.

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what? he doesn't come with flies?

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something about the orange turns me off of this figure

compare it with the orange lantern lex figures and this looks half assed

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Yes, I will say it too...MINE! I want that Larfleeze so shall be mine.

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something about the orange turns me off of this figure

compare it with the orange lantern lex figures and this looks half assed

Yeah, the matte finish looks rubbery they should have given it the metallic finish they gave the red lantern in the photo.

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Love these articles, but this site needs an action figure review section. I want the Harley Quinn-Cyborg IGAU figures when they come out but need to know if they are worth $30.

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Show me your GRILLZ

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And to get the real Orange Lantern experience this figure is going to be sold in a limited number of 1 figure. So lets see you all shout MINE! as you claw and grapple one and other at a change to get a hold of this avrice made plastic :P

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Not second!

Got a weird mouth thing going on there but otherwise pretty cool.


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I love Larfleeze!! I'm surprise you got him Tony (@g_man). Considering you don't like him much? I knew you where surprised he's getting his own series. That's awesome that's there's a Yellow Lantern Scarecrow figure! I never knew that! The Larfleeze looks awesome by the way.

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