A balance of character and powers?

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Larfleeze is indeed powerful, but he is greedy which interferes with his fighting abilities. I feel like many super powerful characters, he cannot use his true power in combat because of his personality which I guess is good in his case. I noticed in Blackest Night he knocked out both Atrocitus and Lex Luthor by hitting them in the back of their heads with his lantern which I find funny since it proves to be more effective than him using his ring. It is funny that he probably is the only being who can use the Orange Lantern without being completely absorbed by it. I feel he has a fair balance of power while having a greedy yet goofy personality not unlike Daffy Duck I noticed. I have no complaints about the character, although he does remind of someone I know, just two things: since his battery was stolen how much longer does he have until he must recharge his ring? Also, when he appeared in Action Comics why did they draw his face so differently?

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His CIS is his own worst enemy. 

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LOL, I love Larfleeze. 
And most artists seem to have trouble with him.

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@Icarusflies: His not exactly easy to draw but l dig him when well done and his got cool view of things it all his or no one

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