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Comic History


In 1940, Will Eisner produced a special comic book section that was designed as an insert for Sunday newspapers around the country. The 16 pages of material consisted of an eight page Spirit story by Will Eisner, a four page Lady Luck story, initially by Dick French and Charles Mazoujian, and a four page Magician called Mr. Mystic. The green-clad heroine was later drawn by Nick Cardy, then taken over by Klaus Nordling, who became best known of her artists.

The character was part of the newspaper strip section until 1946, when it was eliminated as the section dropped to eight pages.The stories were reprinted by Quality Comics in the pages of SMASH COMICS and LADY LUCK COMICS until 1950. Since then, a few collector's editions have reprinted samples of the material.

Character History

No Vale
No Vale

Brenda, in her costume as Lady Luck was accompanied by her chauffeur, a big ethnic Italian character called Peecolo as they stopped crime. She also worked with two police detectives. One was Chief Hardy Moore and the other was office Feeny O'Mye. She was also like Superman and he wore no mask and was somehow able to fool her two detective friends who knew about her as Brenda as well. She would however add a vale to her costume to help conceal her identity.

New 52

Lady Luck makes an appearance in The Phantom Stranger #6, dealing a game between the Stranger and the Sons of Trigon, Belial, Suge, and Ruskoff. She has the ability to alter her appearance and show a skeletal face.

Awards and Honours

Lady Luck was ranked 84th in Comics Buyer's Guide Presents: 100 Sexiest Women in Comics

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