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Genocide's plan is coming to fruition and he orders the Scarboil to spread the word of the universe impending doom via the Nexus.

At Asgard the battle is brutal but Lady Death's undead soldiers are at least immune to the blood parasites of the Doom Magistrates which makes up for their foes almost infinite numbers. Scorpia realizes that Lady Death is their biggest challenge and orders Doom Magistrates to focus on her. Equally the Valkyrie fly to her aid and their powers multiply in close proximity and she creates blast waves that clear the enemy around them. With rom around them they createa sphere of protection from within which to strike. Sensing a tactical advantage she orders Bedlam to fetch Vandala.

As Bedlam arrives in the castle Genocide appears and cuts him and Grim down. Genocide demands the Queen hand over the remains of Odin's power to him but she is genuinely unaware of what or where it is.

On the battle field Vulnavia arrives and is berated by Lady Death for her cowardly exile, Vulnavia counters that didn't she do the same during her Odyssey. Lady death can only agree as she uses the added power of another Valkyrie to replace her tattered, battle worn rags with more comprehensive spiked black armor.

Seeing Scorpia on the field Vulnavia cautions against rash attack but Lady Death drives in and again, like she did to her daughter, she pounds Scorpia's face with her bare fist. On the edge of battle Tyr is wallowing in despair. His family, friends and troops massacred while the majority of the Valkyrie remain, if only Odin had given his sons the power they would still be alive instead. He throws his sword, the tip heated magically, that carves through Lady Death's back and out of her chest. Without Lady Death the energy sphere dissipates leaving the Valkryie unprotected and surrounded jsut as Vulnavia feared.

Scorpia sees her chance to avenge Sinestra and Genocide she leaps on her using magic to bind her and take Darkness from her grasp. Vulnavia attempts to impale Scorpia while distracted but receives a foot to the blind side of her face instead. Another magic blast heralds the end of the battle. The Doom Magistrates celebrate with the bodies of Vakryies impaled on their spiked arms.

Tyr is shattered by the battle and turns to find Thrall still alive towering over him.

3 known variants: regular, Megadeth variant polybagged with a CD, and the premium variant....

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